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Professional pest exterminators in Ayrshire

Pest infestation is a nuisance that can affect the cleanest homes and the most organised businesses out of the blue and, understandably, can leave people feeling unhappy and upset. More worryingly they can, in some cases, lead to damage to your property, ill health and a whole host of other problems.


That's why Intercept Pest Control aim to respond to calls from customers as fast as possible, never putting off a job if it can be avoided. Stuart uses his extensive knowledge and experience to help you eradicate your pest problems and advise you on preventative measures for the future to avoid any nasty surprises later on.


For attentive, honest pest control, helping people and businesses throughout Ayrshire call:

01294 311 646.

Household, urban and rural pests

From town centres to country farms, we're on hand to assist anyone who needs our services, no matter how big or small the job.


Intercept Pest Control adhere to strict health and safety regulations at all times and are fully insured. We will ensure the safety of your family whilst working a job, as well as avoiding any unnecessary pain for the animals removed.

Pest problems?

•  Ants

•  Wasps

•  Fleas

•  Mice and rats

•  Squirrels

•  Birds

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